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Structured Domains is the first platform that allows you to build online B2B, B2C, peer to peer services & events marketplaces / directories - without having to hire your own development team. Our platform includes CMS, SEO, Communication, Scheduling, Payment Processing and more.


Admin Control

Separate administrator control panel where you can monitor, configure, prefill content into your marketplace.

Custom Listings

Design your listing types from scratch. Create a unique structure for your content. Each listing type can be made out of 28+ different data elements like text lines, array of check boxes, locations, reviews, pictures, tables and more.

Activity Tracking

Track & moderate listing creation and updates from your admin control panel. Hire teams to populate your marketplace & monitor their activity. View booking request details as they come.

Filtering & Sorting

Each listing field can be filtered and sorted by. Great for large sets of listings. Customers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.


Create relationship between your content and listings. This creates ability to structure a whole vertical ecosystem instead of just the basic single listing marketplace.

Requests & Communication

Monetize your marketplace with booking requests from customers. Each customer can communicate within the context of the request and see communication history with inbox and sent requests.

Maps & Galleries

Build in clustered Google Maps functionality with autocomplete for locations. Any datasets, even as large as 100,000+ listings, can be displayed on a map. 4 different supported listing views: List, Map, Gallery, Split View. Group rides map example.

Responsive Design

Your marketplace will look great on mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Our design is optimized to load instantaneously on any device and is based on the popular Bootstrap framework.

Multi Website

Share content and designs across multiple domains. Ability to have 2+ websites. One for production and one for development.

Modular Page Design

In addition to having modular database each marketplace page is built of tree of hundreds of design elements with attributes. Allowing you to create many variations without writing a single line of code. You can also use default pages and customize only those pages that you need.

Users & Permissions

Role & rule based detailed control over sub user permissions. Create data entry users, translators and sub domainers.

Reviews & Trust

Ability to add rating based reviews and comments to your listings to build trust.

Payments & Payouts

We are fully integrated with Stripe Payment Gateway and Stripe Connect for automatic payouts in 21 countries. Accept credit cards from your members.


Build in custom emailer templated on listing information. Use to invite members to the marketplace, market your marketplace and send out announcements. Build in transaction email notifications for member actions. Track delivery, open, click rates in Mailgun.

Code Access

You have full access to HTML, CSS and Javascript code if needed. Modify the look and feel even more without the need to know a programming language. Create new elements or modify existing ones to use on your site in addition to the exiting easy page customization.

Performance & Scalability

Super fast response time. We use efficient memory cache extensively resulting in amazing average page response time of 25 milliseconds. Our system is designed to scale to millions of listings.

Languages & Currencies

Multi Language support. Automatic insertion of phrases to translate. Hire translators and give them permission only to the list of phrases that needs to be translated. Automatic currency conversions. 20+ currencies supported.

SEO & Dynamic Sitemap support for structured data markup schema supported by major search engines. Images, reviews, titles, and URLs are SEO optimized. Dynamic auto generated location based sitemap pages to capture long tail search engine traffic. Example.

Social Integration

Built in social controls for easy sharing on facebook, google plus & twitter. Configurable website footer social links.

White label & Affiliate

In addition to your marketplace being whitelabel (free of our branding) and your content and data belonding to you. You can also whitelabel your whole marketplace or parts of it with content to other organization as affiliate offering. For example: ATC, Violet Crown and Bike Austin iFrame embed are white labels of Thea.

Integrated Blog

Integrated blogging platform that can connect and feature your listings. Great way to do content marketing. Example: Undeground blog

Integrated Help Center

Documentation style topics tree interface to help your customers with questions they might have about your marketplace. Example: WheelEstate Support

Availability Calendar

  • Set general availability that repeats every week, month or year.
  • Set availability for certain days or date ranges for your listings.
  • Set discount or surges for specific dates or ranges.
  • Automatic booked blocked dates.


Import & prefill content and structured information from XML, CSV and into your marketplaca via the backend.


  • Heap Analytics - Automated user event tracking.
  • OptinMonster - Create various types of lead generation forms such as lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins, and more.
  • Google Analytics - Web Analytics & Marketing Measurement.
  • Facebook Ads & Google Ads.
  • HubSpot Analytics - Inbound Marketing & CRM, Sales Software.
  • Intercom - Customer Messaging Platform
  • ActiveCampaign - Email Marketing Automation.
  • Hotjar - Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Conversion Funnels.
  • Tawk - Message your customers.

Additional Features

  • Easy signup and login. Integrated with Facebook and Google login for easy account creation and login.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) integrated. All your static content is routed through Amazon CloudFront decreasing page load times.
  • Integrated social sharing to facebook, twitter, google plus.
  • Built in URL Shortener. Your marketplace is going to have clean, simple, short, shareable urls.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate( Comparable $269.99/year value ) is included with your account.
  • HTTP2 protocol and blazing fast page renders for increased SEO. Most pages render under 50ms.
  • Integrated instagram feed.

Customer Spotlight

Some of the marketplaces hosted on Structured Domains Platform.

Find the best fishing lodges and book packages across Ontario, Canada.
Tours & activities in and around the Vatican - Rome, Italy
A one-stop, online resource for planning and booking a fly fishing trip.
Book a unique RV experience. Search all across Canada to find local people hosting RVers.
Tours, Activities, Transporation in Belize
Bike shop with ability to send requests for different services and whitelabel of group rides from Thea. Great example of whitelabel content sharing between websites.
This front end website is using Structured Domains platform. Any functionality or design you see here, can be used on your marketplace.
Cycling team website with profiles for each rider and reports where they can fill it themselves.


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