• Design. Pages and content structures.
  • Customize everything. From listing structure and pages to theme designs.
  • Scale. Start from 100 listings grow to 1,000,000+.
  • Reuse. Reuse content, design, layouts and pages across multiple domains.
  • Get Help. We'll build everything to your specs. Provide support.
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Structured Domains is the first platform that allows you to build online marketplaces - without having to hire your own development team. Structured Domains Software as a service (SaaS) includes integrated CMS, SEO, communication, payment processing and more.

Video Introduction

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Marketplaces vs Directories

  • Existing Examples
    AirBnb.com, TakeLessons.com, RelayRides.com.
    Yelp.com, YellowPages.com, OntarioFishing.net, Wordpress directories.
  • Customer experience
    Marketplaces offer the best customer experience. All the information is right there on one website. People don't have to look for prices, services and booking information across many vendor websites of often dubious quality.
    Directories have links to vendor websites or phone numbers. Customers usually have to call or go to external websites to find info.
  • Transaction Control
    In a marketplace you control transactions between customer and provider allowing to list providers for free.
    You have to charge providers for listings which reduces your content in quantity and quality.
  • Data Structure
    Marketplaces require custom content data structure for each category as a result of price dependency and large variation in service details between categories.
    Directories offload that detailed information to provider websites.
  • Communication
    Request driven customer-provider communication happens directly on your marketplace.
    Directories sometimes have a send message box. Once message is sent the rest of the communication is happening outside of your control.
  • Potential listings
    Marketplaces have larger potential listings base since providers are not required to have a website.
    Each listing must have a website or phone number to get contacted.
  • Revenue
    Marketplaces allow you to generate larger revenue as a result of larger customer base and monetary transaction flow happening directly on your site.
    Directory revenue is generated via ads & charging for listings.


Our platform is feature packed. However, if something is missing for you we'll build it for you.

Example Websites
Marketplace for Sports Training and Events in development.
Child care providers marketplace - launching soon...
Tennis instructors, programs & classes marketplace.
Demo Barebone Music Instruments eBay & Amazon shopping comparison site.
This website is using Structured Domains. Google: Drawing Hands by M.C. Escher.
Structured Domains domainer admin demo.
Structured Domains started with a simple idea. Build a platform that's based on data. That's what structures are. They are customizable types of content. Unlike regular directories that have the same listing type for all categories, structures allow you to create custom listing types for each category.
Listing Structure Design
Design a unique structure for your content. Each structure type can be made out of 27+ different data elements. Here are some of the elements:
  • Simple elements.
    Single line text, Number, Yes no, Link, Multi line text, HTML, Date & Time. For example, a number element can represent the number of years a tennis instructor has been teaching. A multi line text element can be used to store his biography.
  • Choice elements.
    Multi choice, Single choice. Using a tennis instructor as example, single choice can be used for gender. Multi choice can be used for teaching level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
  • Tables.
    Table columns can be made of simple types like Text, Single / Multi choice, Numbers, Dates, Ranges, Days of week, Prices and more. For example, the price of a tennis lesson can depend on duration, group size, membership. However, a price of scuba dive can depend on number of dive tanks and level of certification.
  • Pictures & Videos
    Allows your structures to have picture albums & video.
  • Ratings, Reviews & Comments.
    Define different rating types. Allow comments & reviews on your pages.
  • Map.
    Allows structures to be location aware and be found on a map.
  • Relationships between structures.
    For example, you can create relationship (Structure link) between tennis courts and instructors or relationship (Child Link) between a tennis club and all the programs they offer. Or you can create relationship based on proximity (Structures Around).
  • Payment & Cancellation policy.
    You can offer 3 Payment Models for your customers. Lead generation, full payment or deposit model. You can also add Cancellation policy element that will automatically control cancellations.
Demo of structure design. We'll do this together with you.
Content Editing
Once you've finished designing your structure you can start adding content. You can always change the structure, add or remove elements. Even if your structure already contains listings. Your customers can add content to the same structures as well right on your website.
Demo of content editing.
Demo of tennis instructor adding himself on tennislists.com
Filtering & Sorting
All the content that's added into structures can be filtered and sorted. You can also control which fields can be filtered. Each filter is predictive that means it gives you counts and ranges.
  • Location filter.
    Drag or zoom the map to filter by location.
  • Single choice filter.
    Filter by choosing one option in a dropdown.
  • Multi choice filter.
    Check boxes filtering.
  • Range filter.
    Filter by dragging a predictive slider. Can be used for prices, numbers, dates & times.
  • Relationship filter.
    Find all structures that have child relationship and link relationship.
Demo of filtering beaches on Oahu.
Demo of filtering & sorting a list of tennis programs.
Demo filtering a map of dive sites on oahu.
  • Large data set support. 1,000,000+ map markers (listings).
    Avoid the "Too Many Markers Problem" but clustering close by markers together into one group. Zoom out to see the big picture.
  • Typed markers.
    You can have many colored coded types on one map. This enabled easy visualization of data types.
Demo of tennis courts in Austin,TX grouped on a map.
Requests & Communication
Requests allow you to monetize your data. You can create requests structures that same way you create your listing structures. For example, users of your website can create requests for scuba dive lessons or requests for tennis lessons.
  • Custom requests structures.
    Create custom request structures out of basic elements. This allows your website users to fill forms that match the your custom data requirements.
  • Communication within the request context.
    Once the request is made it can be easily changed, approved, cancelled or refunded. Requests also allow customers to send messages back and forth.
  • Requests integrate with payment.
    Requests allow you to collect payment and commissions. You can configure requests for 3 payments models: Full payment, Deposit or Lead Generation.
Demo of "shark cage diving" request creation.
Inbox example of oahu activities provider.
View the history of actions like message, book, cancel, refund, change, approve within the request context.
Requests actions: accept, change, message, cancel, refund, book, buy lead
Multiple domain support. Share and reuse data, content, structures and theme designs across many domains.
Demo of domain setup.
Pages allow you to combine your data & content from structures with 170+ theme design elements.
  • Hierarchical & modular design.
    Build pages out of design elements. Control colors, filters, pictures, text, layouts, structure types & more design attributes.
  • Page types.
    Create master pages, sub pages, start pages, override and include pages.
Demo of tennislists.com start page design.
Users & Permissions
  • Rules.
    Fine tune read, write & access control using 23 rules.
  • Roles.
    Create data entry users, designer users. For example, you can hire data entry person and give control only to parts of your data and nothing else. Or hire a designer and give access to the design but not the data.
Demo of permission for data entry user.
Scrapers & Data Import
  • Scrape.
    Create scraper rules to scrape any website content directly into your custom structures.
  • Import.
    Import XML and other formats content data directly into your custom structures.
Demo of scraping Texas Child Care public domain government website.
  • Make money from your website.
    Generate commissions from each request transaction or lead.
  • Control transactions.
    View transaction history, put transactions on hold or refund transactions.
  • Full payment model.
    The customer is fully charged and money is transferred to the vendor on specified data. Domainer takes commision.
  • Deposit model.
    The customer is only charged a deposit which usually is the domainer commision.
  • Lead generation model.
    The vendor is charged to view each request (lead) he receives. Domainer collects that as revenue.
  • Payment Gateways
    Structured Domains is integrated with Authorize.Net and BalancedPayments.com. Allowing you to use any merchant account and direct deposit funds to vendors bank accounts automatically.
  • PCI Compliant
    Structured domains is PCI compliant. We get regularly audited by a 3rd party security auditor.
Example of payments for hosteltourshawaii.com
  • Custom emails design.
    Create your own HTML based design.
  • Custom email content.
    Send emails with content from your structures. For example, you can add customer names, pictures, data tables, pictures and other data automatically.
  • Integrated with Amazon SES
    Use Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send emails. Increase your deliverability.
Example of email campaign for tennis instructors.
This is a screenshot of an email based on tennis instructor structure.
Demo of provider email request notification.
Integrated Affiliate Program
Offer affiliate program on your website.
  • For customers.
    Offer affiliate links to customers after they book to increase exposure.
  • For other websites.
    Offer affiliate links, banners or custom IFRAME functionality to other websites.
HToursHawaii.com affiliate program demo.
Integrated Shopping
  • eBay.
    Integrated with eBay Partner Network. Offer eBay products on your website and receive commissions.
  • Amazon.
    Integrated with Amazon Associates. Offer amazon products on your websites and receive commissions.
Demo of eBay partner network tennis bags category.
Demo of Amazon Associates tennis bags category.
Theme Design
Themes allow you access to modify 100% of the HTML, CSS & JavaScript generated for your website.
  • Modular design.
    Modify only the elements that you need. There are over 170+ elements and growing. Find the parts that you want to modify easily.
  • Design is abstracted from business logic.
    No need to spend hours to searching through PHP source code to modify simple HTML or CSS design aspects.
  • Create.
    Create your own theme elements and use them in your websites.
  • Changes go live instantaneously.
    No need to compile or upload anything. Once you click save it's live. Save time designing & modifying elements. Compare that to wordpress where you have to find and modify PHP code & upload to server to see any changes.
Demo of default theme elements.
Performance & Scalability
  • Super fast response time.
    We use efficient memory cache extensively resulting in amazing average page response time of 25 milliseconds.
  • Scale.
    Our system is designed to scale to millions of listings.
Languages & Currencies
  • Languages
    Automatic insertion of phrases to translate. 20+ supported languages.
  • Translators
    Hire translators and give them permission only to the list of phrases that needs to be translated.
  • Currencies
    Automatic currency conversions. 20+ currencies supported.
Additional Features
  • Responsive Design
    Including responsive tables. Your websites will look great on a phone, tablet or a computer.
  • Social Integration
    Built in social controls for easy sharing on most pages on facebook, google plus & twitter.
  • Built in SEO
    Schema.org support for structured data markup schema supported by major search engines. Also images, titles, and URLs are SEO optimized.
  • Easy signup and login.
    Integrated with Facebook and Google login for easy account setup and login.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN).
    All your static content is routed through Amazon CloudFront decreasing page load times.
  • Google Adwords & Facebook Ads ready.
    Supports "Google Adwords Remarketing Id" or "Facebook Audience Pixel Id" for targeted ads & remarketing.
  • Google Analytics ready.
    Integrated with google analytics. All you have to do is drop your google analytics account id.
  • Integrated CRM
    Build your own custom simple CRM structures. No need to fit your CRM to salesforce's thousands of different complex fields - create your own simple model with only the fields you need. Use structured emailer to send out mass emails based on your simple CRM structures. Link your CRM structures to content structures on your website.
  • Built in URL Shortener
    Your marketplaces are going to have clean, simple, short, shareable urls.
  • Analytics for clicks, mouse movement, entry and exit.
    Extra custom events in Google analytics for clicks on links, input boxes, mouse movements. You'll get 100% visibility into what's really happening on your website.
  • Live website chat
    Integrated with Zopim!
  • Free Hosting.


Give us a buzz and we'll figure out how we can help you.

Structured Domains Team
We are passionate about building beautiful custom data driven marketplaces.
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